I’m Jyenny Babcock EdD, the doctoral student coach.

I help stressed-out EdD/PhD students balance life to become unstoppable.

"Before coaching with Jyenny, I had been stuck on writing Chapter 2 for over a year and my confidence was continually declining. Now I’m empowered to begin writing again and am working through other roadblocks, too. Coming to understand how changing my thoughts will improve my results has been very helpful. I schedule my daily writing and work through my emotions to stay on track."
Nay, EdD Student

Why Doctoral Students Need Life Coaching

Entering a doctorate program is a major life change that can cause overwhelm, trigger symptoms of imposter syndrome, and leave a student feeling exhausted.

Balancing the demands of the program with other personal and professional demands can be a challenge.

A life coach can help the doctoral student clarify their goals, identify obstacles holding them back, and choose the right strategies to overcome each obstacle.

By helping students make the most of their skills, talents, and values, a life coach provides the support needed to achieve peace of mind AND reach graduation.

I’ve found that doctoral programs tend to exacerbate insecurities.

That is to be expected.

The doctoral journey is a long and often unclear path that demands self-leadership to navigate.

Doctoral programs are transformative vehicles of personal growth.
Growth can be uncomfortable.
> Rare is the scholar that can earn a doctorate without needing support.

Most scholars will need support to get past all the hurdles to graduation.
> There’s nothing wrong with you.
> You are not broken.
> You don’t have to struggle alone.
> You can get support from someone who understands.

You are meant to earn your degree and accomplish your post-graduation goals!

Let me show you how to do that with confidence and ease.

Here's what students say about coaching...

“Jyenny does a great job of acknowledging situational influences yet getting to the heart of the barriers to progress and providing guidance to work with resistance. Her providing connection to brain science helped me to be more objective in reflecting on what I can do to move forward.”

Karla, PhD Student

“Jyenny, I wanted to let you know how helpful the four week coaching scholarship has been for me and to express my appreciation for the opportunity to work with you. The model you taught has enabled me to be intentional about the steps to take to achieve my goals. As you know, before coaching I was stuck on several items that were preventing me from finalizing my dissertation proposal. With the tools that you helped me develop, I have now submitted my completed proposal! I am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge, and I am especially thankful for the scholarship opportunity. “

Jennifer, EdD Student

“You have been so helpful with helping me to persevere and get out of my head. Thank you so much for a different perspective!”

Latasha, EdD Student

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