A Shift in Thinking

Two students I recently coached overcame one of their big obstacles to graduation. One client submitted their dissertation proposal, the other broke through writer’s block on the literature review. Both had been stuck for a long time.

They were able to move past where they were stuck because they interrupted their negative thought loops telling them they couldn’t do something and started believing they could.

The phrase “I don’t know how” is a dream-killer. It keeps students stuck believing the lie their brain is telling them to keep themselves safe from disappointment.

You have everything you need to figure out anything-including your doctorate program!

Just adding one small word to your thought loop can change everything.

That word is ‘yet’.

When you think “I don’t know how, yet” it implies that you are figuring it out. This subtle shift can work miracles.

If you can’t see for yourself what is keeping you stuck (and most students can’t), that’s where coaching comes in.

A professional coach who observes and holds space for you can point you in the right direction. Soon, what seems insurmountable becomes possible. The dread and procrastination take a backseat to determination and confidence.

All you need to do is change your thinking to get different results.

Coach with me and I’ll guide you through the process of becoming unstuck so you can graduate the way you planned… owning it like a boss instead of gnashing your teeth the rest of the way through.