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  • Demystifying Life Coaching for Doctoral Students
    Life coaching has been gaining popularity for years now. But not everyone understands what to expect from coaching. Before I share what to expect during coaching, let me start with a few reasons to seek coaching. Why get life coaching in the first place? Doctoral students can benefit from life coaching to help them improve …

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  • Dissertation Leadership
    As a doctoral student coach, I see a lot of students stew in overwhelm and self-doubt when they reach the dissertation phase of earning a doctorate. One of the biggest mindset hurdles they face is expecting their dissertation chair to guide them through the dissertation process. The problem with not leading your dissertation process This …

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  • Worrying Is a Waste of Energy
    Some doctoral students have a to-do list running through their minds as soon as they wake up in the morning and they spend a lot of energy worrying that the list won’t get done. The problem is that worrying daily about getting everything done costs precious energy that could be put to better use. This …

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  • How to Stop Procrastinating
    Lately, I’ve been asked a lot by doctoral students, “how do I overcome procrastination?” The short answer is to manage your resistance to doing the tasks you’ve set for yourself. But that is easier said than done. And what does that even mean? I’m reminded of the quote by Olin Miller, “If you want to …

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  • 20 Things Doctoral Students Need
    Guidance to navigate the expectations of academia and program regulations. Belief in themselves about their ability to rise to the challenge of conducting research and creating knowledge in their field. Motivation, grit, determination, tenacity, and stamina to get back up each time they are knocked down and see their program through to the end. Emotional …

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