Quick Tip: How you frame your doctoral experience affects the quality of your doctoral journey

Not many would argue against the doctoral journey as one full of challenges. Earning a doctorate is an exercise in patience that will test your spirit and your skills.

I see so many stories from individuals about how difficult their doctoral journey was. I felt like my journey was difficult, too.

But the truth is, my journey was more difficult than it had to be. And the primary reason for my struggles was not because I didn’t understand the material, it wasn’t because I lacked writing skills, and it wasn’t because the program faculty seemed disengaged and largely left me without feedback; it was the way I framed my journey.

If your doctoral journey seems really difficult, I urge you to examine how you are framing your studenthood. My good friend and fellow life coach, Barbara Stacey, explains how to separate your fact from fiction in Episode 13 Fact and Fiction of the Happy 2 B Me Podcast.

To ease your path to graduation, listen to the short podcast episode and then reflect on the stories you tell yourself (and others) about who you are as a doctoral student. I am certain you will find where a shift in your perspective can make your educational experience more enjoyable.

And if you need help to shift your perspective to make the most of your educational experience, book a 20-minute coaching session with me and we can find your shift together.