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Earning your doctorate doesn’t have to be painful!

Too often, doctoral students find themselves under intense pressure to perform well while juggling their careers and family duties, leading to misery and burnout. Fortunately, self-regulation can help make the journey less stressful.

Self-regulation is the skill of understanding and managing your own behavior and reactions. While it might sound simple, most of us were never taught how to do it in all areas of our lives. If you struggle with stress, self-doubt, anxiety, or any other unpleasant emotion, learning to self-regulate can be beneficial.

A life coach can help you learn self-regulation.

Coaching for Doctoral Students.

Live your best life now! There’s no need to wait until you’ve earned your degree.

I practice causal coaching which identifies precisely why you’re stuck and how to move forward, rather than merely treating the symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause.

With coaching, you can thrive again (or maybe for the first time)! It works by showing you your mind so you can consciously choose your path forward. You’ll learn how to manage your energy and focus to reach any goal you desire. Your confidence and productivity will skyrocket with coaching. Together, we’ll clarify your goals, identify obstacles, and create easy strategies for success.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you concerned about burnout and not graduating?
  • Can you put a price on your mental fitness?
  • What would it cost you to extend your time to graduation?
  • How much longer can you continue like this?

Imagine waking up with the energy, clarity, confidence, and focus to tackle your to-do list.

That’s priceless.

Coach with Me

Coach with me whenever you need support.

Let’s Focus: 20 minutes

In this laser-focused session, we’ll quickly get to the heart of the matter and identify strategies to move you forward.

We’ll meet via Zoom for 20 minutes to pinpoint precisely how you can progress toward your goals.

You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in 20 minutes! 

2x Month Coaching Subscription

Subscribe for as long as you’d like and only meet when you need support.

We’ll meet via Zoom up to twice a month for 20 minutes at a time to discuss how you can create your best educational experience.

You’ll leave each session with clarity to choose your path forward.

Self-Serve Productivity Videos

Watch workshop replay videos for tips to navigate your doctoral journey.

Productivity Videos Bundle

A collection of six workshop recordings to uplevel your productivity, sustain your motivation, reduce procrastination, write your dissertation, and lead yourself to graduation!

No matter where you are in your doctoral journey, these videos will help keep you moving forward.

4 hours of content valued at $294

  • Dissertation Leadership: How to manage stress, avoid burnout, and break free from overwhelm, confusion and self-doubt (41 minutes)
  • Maximize Your Productivity: Time Management for busy EdD/PhD Students (45 minutes)
  • End Procrastination for Good: A Doctoral Student’s Guide (35 minutes)
  • Raise Your Resilience (28 minutes)
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome for stressed out EdD/PhD Students (43 minutes)
  • How to Research, Organize, Synthesize, and Write a Literature Review for Doctoral Students (48 minutes)

What clients say about working with me.

"There are many times throughout this 10-year dissertation journey when I've just wanted to quit. I can get into all the traumas I've survived to keep going, but I would rather speak about moments when I could see myself successfully defending this dissertation; confidently proclaiming that it is possible and will get finishEdD. My participation in the coaching sessions with Jyenny will be one of those moments I can look back on and know that it contributed to my eventual success. I came to these sessions expecting to be pep-talked with no substance; Expecting more of a roadmap of what I should do "right now" and instead, received a roadmap of how to approach big goals anytime in the future. It was a blessing to be sure -- because Jyenny asked me some tough questions that helped put this whole dissertation journey into perspective. Within the model she taught, I learned how my thoughts can turn a loosing battle into a victory, how my actions can be ordered to take control of my narrative, and how giving yourself a bit of grace brings you one day closer to being Dr. I appreciated Jyenny's scholarship, it came at the right time, for the right reasons and should you have an opportunity to engage her, take it -- the worst that can happen is you learn a little more about yourself."
EdD Student
"Jyenny does a great job of acknowledging situational influences yet getting to the heart of the barriers to progress and providing guidance to work with resistance. Her providing connection to brain science helped me to be more objective in reflecting on what I can do to move forward."
PhD Student
"Before coaching with Jyenny, I had been stuck on writing Chapter 2 for over a year and my confidence was continually declining. Now I'm empowered to begin writing again and am working through other roadblocks, too. Coming to understand how changing my thoughts will improve my results has been very helpful. I schedule my daily writing and work through my emotions to stay on track."
EdD Student
"When I applied I didn't think it was real. On the first session I'd already learnt so much and felt a lot better about myself. I managed to do in a week what I'd failed to do in a while. Thank you so much"
PhD Student

Coaching hours

Coaching hours are available on the following days/times (Pacific Time).

Monday: 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Tuesday: 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Thursday: 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Friday: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – 11:30 am

Contact me at jb[at] to enquire about alternative times if my availability is not suitable. I’ll accommodate where I can.